Thursday, 13 March 2008

"'The public are sick and tired of yobs"

Even) more from British tabloid The Daily Mail:
'The public are sick and tired of yobs,' judge says as he jails teens who beat man to death
13th March 2008
A judge today described three teenagers involved in beating to death a "helpless" man as typical of the "young, drunken, violent yob who hunt in packs and of whom the public are sick and tired".....Judge Stewart said: "Gavin made his way home in great pain to lie dying alone in his flat during the following three days because of a ruptured spleen. The pain he endured must have been horrific."....The three told friends about the attack and showed them the footage, which was also sent to other people's mobile phones but was never published on the internet.
The thug on the right is from my home town of Bradford, Yorks...

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