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Students' Nadsat Essays

Anthony Burgess' nadsat is clearly a workable argot, as the following short essays by your small groups demostrates. Peet o' scotchmen by the winner?

  1. On “The Pedagogic Fallacy”:
    All the mooges and damas think that like school and biblios are real horrorshows, but me mozggies ain’t no better for it. Even the state institute for the reclamation of criminal types reckoned that it would make me a good non-violent malchick. That, it turned out, my brothers, was pure chepooka. Droogs who become bookmen can still do a right bit of ultraviolence, even if they know it’s not the right. You would have to be like bezoomy to reckon that being an oomny chelloveck mean the difference between being dobby or the baddywaddiest. Anyone with glazzies in their gullivar can viddy that education allows more than a bit of horrorshow ultraviolence. By Old Bog, if you slooshy any lewdies who gavoreet any different they ain’t worth hen-korm. Yarbles to school and all that cal.
  2. Alex is a failed Stalky model. He alienates the gruppa relationship by over-prodding, which undermines the equality of the shaika, and he fails to respect the larger system and its institutions.
    Throughout the novel, Alex like refuses to allow the other vecks of the bandas to perform. He is apt to shvat the glory and the spotlight and stops everyone else from verifying themselves. He continually re-asserts his dominance over the shaika. Over raz, they have less and less freedom, which prevents them from performing very horrorshow.
    When Alex tolchocks Dim and Georgie, it instantly displays how his tendency towards over-performance deteriorates the close-knit fabric of the bandas. Where he could have like permitted the other droogs to have a say in things, or to perform, specifically, he just drats them as an attempt to re-assert his oddy knocky authority. Alex’s failure to viddy the ultraviolence performance rights of the other droogs effectively dissolves the very horrorshow cohesion of the very malchickiwicks that Alex claims to privodeet over.
    Finally, whenever Alex like deals with the rozz, or the greater system they represent, he shows oozhassny disregard for their conducts, practices and ideals. He nadmenny disrespects his pee and em, the Governor, and the education system. According to the traditional Stalky model Alex should still maintain an unspoken level of respect towards the greater system he is a part of; however, his actions undermine, on many different levels, all possible aspects of the society which he finds himself plennied.
    In conclusion, Alex fails as a Stalky figure in all places in the novel. From nachinatovat to end of the raskazz, there is no change in his jeezny, or his ideals. He refuses to allow vecks to enjoy in his performative pleasures, he like rebels against everything possible, whether it’s his pee and em, or the millicents, and actively alienates his connections to the very gruppa that defines him. This, in sum, is undeniably how Alex fails. By the end of the novel, he has ultimately become the antithetical Stalky.
  3. O my brothers, I recently viddied the bezoomy American sinny of my razkazz, A Clockwork Orange, which is based on the version of my novel that omitted my 21st chapter. And let me tell you, O my brothers, it was real cal. Not horrorshow even a malenky bit. With this omission, my readers will not pony our droog as a progaonist and makes the work as a novel more sodding trivial. Our droog, dear Alex, can no longer be viddied as a dynamic lewdie. Without the 21st chapter, Alex doesn’t have the ability to change. He can’t like change his jeezny which is a quality that’s a real horrorshow dorogoy to the razkazz. The 21st chapter allows the reading lewdies to viddy Alex as a more human character. It skazats that our Humble Narrator to change his jeezny. On page 93, I govoreeted “goodness is something chosen. When a man cannot choose, he ceases to be a man.” I govoreeted this vesch again on page 125 just to make sure my reading bratties got my point real horrorshow. Without my final chapter, the reader can’t viddy this. The final chapter also shows the development of Pete. If the malchicks are meant to represent malchicks in real jeezny, without showing Alex and Pete’s change the Americanised razkazz suggests he cannot change, and if malchicks are morally bezoomy in youth, they won’t change, making them a clockwork orange as I referenced on page 175 and 178.
    In conclusion, Kubrick can kiss my sherries! My grazny yarbles!
  4. Burgess Creeching at the Bratchney Sod who Litsoed the End Out O' the Sinny
    (In Defense of the 21st Chapter)
    I appupolly loggy for my bezzomy grammar but I must be saying, O my brothers, that we're a clarking at the gloopy American-Ded that razrezzed the 21st-like chapter out o' this copy of the book at the biblio. It's all a bit horrorshow to let the writer-mooge hold onto what the bloody well wrote down, cause he knew well enough to plesk it from his gulliver way he did. Pony, we got a cozhassnay vhsnhr in style don't you know, savvy?
    When the ending get nozh'ed and the novel's a babel. Skanzat to say the sodding shoot who thinks someone can't imagine a world where people change cuz Burgess wanted to think they could. He stuck it in all quiet like that; 21 is when boys be men and savvy their mozg instead of skriking their yarbles. If you go take a lomtick out of this last bit of oozhassay writing then boys are shown as real nadmenny prestopnik with no hope for growth.

  5. What’s it going to be then, eh? It seems to me, o my brothers, that you’ve been govoreeting about this malenky malchick Stalky and his prestoopnick droogs. He may have a real horrorshow jeezny. Right right right. But did he ever hold a pooshka or nosh, or give the old in out in out to some sweet devotchka. And unlike your droogie Stalky, no starry Millicent could change the rassoodock of your humble Narrator. I’m not poogly of any malenky grahzny vesh. You think I failed because I was loveted, but you can kiss my sharries! It only happened because my gloopy traitorous droogs left me for the rozz. Now I’m a real horrorshow chelloveck with a zheena and my son, so who’s the somny one now?
    Amen. And all that cal.

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