Friday, 8 February 2008

"Feral" Yobbism

More, here from the on-line Daily Mail on the lastest story of England's present-day battle with the thugs. This story repeats an increasing mention of the common element a majority of ASBOs share of having single mothers in broken homes.
'Feral' yob who killed trucker with a concrete missile jailed for just three years.
Last updated at 23:17pm on 8th February 2008
His face a picture of defiance as he gestures obscenely while smoking a cannabis joint, this is the feral yob who killed a lorry driver by dropping a 44lb breeze block off a bridge.
Dean Ingram, 15, was named by order of a judge yesterday as he was locked up for three years and four months after admitting manslaughter.
The product of a broken home, Ingram was left unsupervised to roam the streets into the early hours, revelling in being loutish and out of control.

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