Thursday, 31 January 2008

"Take it Like a Man"

From classfellow M.T.:

There is an interesting song called Take It Like a Man' by Dragonette. It mocks a man who can't handle her as a strong woman - should she buy him flowers and chocolates for his troubles? Now, I'm pretty sure this is heavily ironic because the album is heavily playful and satirical. But at times not..soo... Anyway, the lyrics were interesting -


MaeganT said...

haha! If I knew you were going to post that email directly I would've used language more befitting an English majore - i.e. more self important and less gramatically lazy. Anyway, hope everyone likes it! (And if you don't, I hope you appreciate the spirit of the lyrics and how it relates!)

Dr. Stephen Ogden said...

It's a blog, so we don't have to sound like English majors ;--)

adam nowek said...

Shall we make a field trip to see them at the Commodore on 21 March?